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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022MODELING OF ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC SERVO SYSTEM USING THE BEES ALGORITHMÇakan, Abdullah ; Botsalı, Fatih Mehmet ; Önen, Ümit; Kalyoncu, Mete 
2021Optimal Tuning of the SMC Parameters for a Two Two-Link Manipulator Co-Simulation Controlİlgen, Sinan; Durdu, Akif ; Gülbahçe, Erdi; Çakan, Abdullah 
2019Performance comparison of optimization algorithms in LQR controller design for a nonlinear systemÖnen, Ümit; Çakan, Abdullah ; İlhan, İlhan
2021Simulation and arduino hardware implementation of dc motor control using sliding mode controllerMaarif, A.; Çakan, Abdullah 
2019System identification based inverse kinematics analysis and control of a multi?dof road simulatorÇakan, Abdullah ; Önen, Ü.; Botsalı, F.M.
2019Topology design and modal analysis of a Bracket via FEAGülbahçe, E.; Sezgen, H.Ç.; Çakan, Abdullah