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2020Alternative approach for safe disposal of dry olive pomace: pyrolysis with/without physical preprocessingDinç, Gamze ; Yel, Esra 
2019Chloride Adsorption By The Adsorbent Synthesized From Waste PaperÖzzeybek, Özge; Göktepeli, Gamze ; Yel, Esra 
2020Comparative study of olive pomace pyrolysis with/without ultrasonic preprocessingDinç, Gamze ; Yel, Esra 
2022Designing Approach of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite by Combination of Fibrillated Olive Pomace and Marble PowderKawano, Tessei; Dinç, Gamze ; Yel, Esra ; Andou, Yoshito
2022A deterministic approach in waste management: delineation of potential territories in Turkey for industrial symbiosis of olive pomace, marble wastes and plastics by integrating Fuzzy AHP to GISAkar, Ali Utku ; Yalpır, Şükran ; Sişman, Süleyman; Göktepeli, Gamze ; Yel, Esra 
2020Effects of Pyrolysis Conditions on Organic Fractions and Heat Values of Olive Mill Wastes Pyrolysis LiquidDinç, Gamze ; Işık, Ferda; Yel, Esra 
2022Marble processing effluent treatment sludge in waste PET pyrolysis as catalyst-I: pyrolysis product yields and the char characteristicsÖnen, V.; Ozgan, A.; Göktepeli, G. ; Kalem, M.; Ahmetli, G. ; Yel, Esra 
2023Marble sludges as environmentally friendly catalyst in olive pomace pyrolysis: Effect of sludge composition on pyrolysis product distribution and biocharsGöktepeli, G. ; Yel, E.
2019Olive Mill Wastewater as FeedstockDinç, Gamze ; Tartar, Ferda; Yel, Esra 
2021Phenol Adsorption on Magnetic Biochar Derived From Olive Pomace: Equilibrium, Kinetic and ThermodynamicsGöktepeli, Gamze ; Yıldız, Sevil; Yel, Esra 
2023The role of physicochemical marble processing wastewater treatment sludge in the production of new generation pyrolysis char from waste polypropyleneKalem, Merve Sogancioglu; Kurt, Afra Özgan; Göktepeli, Gamze ; Önen, Vildan ; Ahmetli, Gülnare ; Yel, Esra 
2018Self-catalyzing pyrolysis of olive pomaceDinç, Gamze ; Yel, Esra 
2023Zeytin ve mermer isleme atiklari simbiyozu ile ileri dönüsüm yaklasimlariGöktepeli, Gamze