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2021Evaluation of olive pomace for the separation of anionic dyes from aqueous solutions: kinetic, thermodynamic, and isotherm studiesAli, Khalid; Zeidan, Hani; Martı, Mustafa Esen 
2023Reactive Extraction of Betaine from Sugarbeet Processing ByproductsAltinisik, Sinem; Zeidan, Hani; Yilmaz, M. Deniz; Marti, Mustafa E. 
2022The relation between surface acidity and MoO3:Al2O3 ratio on the ternary mixed oxide for the conversion of propan-2-olZeidan, Hani; Erünal, Ebru; Marti, Mustafa Esen 
2020Separation of formic acid and acetic acid from aqueous solutions using sugar beet processing fly ash: characterization, kinetics, isotherms and thermodynamicsZeidan, Hani; Özdemir, Damla; Köse, Nezahat; Pehlivan, Erol ; Ahmetli, Gülnare ; Martı, Mustafa Esen 
2019Separation of Formic Acid from Aqueous Solutions onto Anion Exchange Resins: Equilibrium, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic DataZeidan, Hani; Martı, Mustafa Esen 
2022Separation of Pimelic Acid Using Tri-n-octylamine in Various Organic Solvents by Reactive Extraction: Equilibrium and ModelingZeidan, Hani; Yurdakul, Merve; Martı, Mustafa Esen 
2023Synthesis, characterization, and use of an amine-functionalized mesoporous silica SBA-15 for the removal of Congo Red from aqueous mediaZeidan, Hani; Can, Mukaddes ; Marti, Mustafa Esen 
2023Using eco-friendly alternatives for the recovery of pyruvic acid by reactive extractionMartı, Mustafa Esen ; Zeidan, Hani