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2022An ecologically sustainable specific method using new magnetic alginate-biochar from acorn cups (Quercus coccifera L.) for decolorization of dyesParlayıcı, Ş.; Pehlivan, E.
2023Investigation of microwave assisted synthesis of Schiff Base derived Metal-Chelates by liquid invert sugar containing D-GlucoseÖzer, A.; Yasa, D.E.; Şahin, D.H.; Turbayindir, H.; Pehlivan, E.; Koc, Z.E.
2023Production of PLA-based AgNPs-containing nanofibers by electrospinning method and antibacterial applicationSaygılı, T.; Kahraman Tutar, Havva ; Aydın, G.; Avcı, A.; Pehlivan, E.