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2023Anatomy of flash sintering in yttria-stabilized zirconia solid-state electrolyte: High temporal resolution energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction using a 200 keV synchrotron probeSavkliyildiz, Ilyas ; Degnah, Ahmed; Biçer, Hülya; Salur, Emin; Tsakalakos, Thomas; Akdoğan, Enver Koray
2022B4C ve PMN-PT seramiklerin flash sinterleme ile üretimi ve karakterizasyonuDemir, Aysel
2023Effect of High-Energy Ball Milling in Ternary Material System of (Mg-Sn-Na)Subutay, Halit; Şavklıyıldız, İlyas 
2022Flash sintering and dielectric properties of K0.5Na0.5NbO3Şavklıyıldız, İlyas ; Okur, Çiğdem; Akdoğan, E. Koray
2021Flash sintering effect on pmn-pt ceramicsŞavklıyıldız, İlyas ; Demir, A.
2021Improving mechanical properties of nano-sized TiC particle reinforced AA7075 Al alloy composites produced by ball milling and hot pressingSalur, Emin; Acarer, Mustafa; Şavklıyıldız, İlyas 
2021In-Situ Strain Measurement on Al7075 Plate by Using High Energy Synchrotron Light SourceŞavklıyıldız, İlyas 
2023Investigation of biochemical properties of flash sintered ZrO2–SnO2 nanofibersÇetinkaya, Zeynep ; Güneş, Eda; Şavklıyıldız, İlyas 
2022Multicycle flash sintering of cubic Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2: An in situ energy dispersive synchrotron x-ray diffraction study with high temporal resolutionBiçer, Hülya; Degnah, Ahmed; Salur, Emin; Şavklıyıldız, İlyas ; Tsakalakos, Thomas; Akdoğan, E.Koray
2020Piezoelektrik malzemelerin flash sinterleme ile üretimi ve karakterizasyonuOkur, Çiğdem
2021Thermal equation of state study of polymorphic phases of Y2O3Şavklıyıldız, İlyas 
2020Thermal expansion of nano-boron carbide under constant DC electric field: An in situ energy dispersive X-ray diffraction study using a synchrotron probeBiçer, Hülya; Akdoğan, Enver Koray; Şavklıyıldız, İlyas ; Haines, Christopher; Zhong, Zhong; Tsakalakos, Thomas
2021Ultrahigh hardness in Y2O3 dispersed ferrous multicomponent nanocompositesSalur, Emin; Nazik, Cihad; Acarer, Mustafa; Şavklıyıldız, İlyas ; Akdoğan, E. Koray