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2023Enhancing classification accuracy through feature extraction: a comparative study of discretization and clustering approaches on sensor-based datasetsEsme, Engin 
2022A k-ELM approach to the prediction of number of students taking make-up examsKıran, Mustafa Servet ; Sıramkaya, Eyup; Esme, Engin 
2023A literature review on deep learning algorithms for analysis of X-ray imagesSeyfi, Gökhan ; Esme, Engin ; Yılmaz, Merve ; Kıran, Mustafa Servet 
2018The Performance Analysis of Extreme Learning Machines on Odour RecognitionEşme, Engin ; Kıran, Mustafa Servet 
2022Prediction of the number of students taking make-up examinations using artificial neural networksKıran, Mustafa Servet ; Sıramkaya, Eyüp; Esme, Engin ; Şenkaya, Miyase Nur