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2019Evaluation of Fatty Acid Waste in the Synthesis of Oligo(Ether-Ester)sKocaman, Süheyla; Cerit, A.; Soydal, Ülkü; Martı, M. E. ; Ahmetli, G. 
2021Influence of cotton waste and flame-retardant additives on the mechanical, thermal, and flammability properties of phenolic novolac epoxy compositesKocaman, Süheyla; Soydal, Ülkü; Ahmetli, Gülnare 
2023Polystyrene waste-modified epoxy/nanoclay and hybrid composite coatingsÖzmeral, Nimet; Kocaman, Süheyla; Soydal, Ülkü; Ahmetli, Gülnare 
2023Red mud waste/nanoclay/polystyrene-modified epoxy hybrid composites: Mechanical, thermal, and flammability propertiesÖzmeral, Nimet; Soydal, Ülkü; Kocaman, Süheyla; Ahmetli, Gülnare 
2022Water sorption, thermal, and fire resistance properties of natural shell-based epoxy compositesZamani, Kianoosh; Kocaman, Süheyla; Işık, Murat; Soydal, Ülkü; Özmeral, Nimet; Ahmetli, Gülnare