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2022Adaptive State Feedback Control Method Based on Recursive Least SquaresLevent, Mehmet Latif; Aydoğdu, Ömer 
2020Discrete Time State Estimation with Kalman Filter and Adaptive LQR Control of a Time Varying Linear SystemLevent, Mehmet Latif; Aydoğdu, Ömer ; Yücelbaş, Cüneyt
2019Kalman State Estimation and LQR Assisted Adaptive Control Of a Variable Loaded Servo SystemAydoğdu, Ömer ; Levent, Mehmet Latif
2020State Estimation with Reduced-Order Observer and Adaptive-LQR Control of Time Varying Linear SystemAydoğdu, Ömer ; Levent, Mehmet Latif
2021Zamanla değişen bir sistemin adaptif durum geribeslemelikontrolüLevent, Mehmet Latif