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2019Indoor Formaldehyde Emission in Air and Health ImpactsKunt, Fatma; Ayturan, Zeynep Cansu ; Dursun, Şükrü ; Mankolli, Hysen
2021Measurement and evaluation of particulate matter and atmospheric heavy metal pollution in Konya Province, TurkeyKunt, Fatma; Ayturan, Zeynep Cansu ; Yümün, Feray; Karagönen, İlknur; Semerci, Mümin; Akgün, Mehmet
2023Modeling and Assessment of PM10 and Atmospheric Metal Pollution in Kayseri Province, TurkeyKunt, Fatma; Ayturan, Zeynep Cansu ; Yumun, Feray; Karagönen, Ilknur; Semerci, Mumin; Akgün, Mehmet
2023A Review Investigation Of The Usage Artifıcial Neural Networks On Air Pollution ModelingKunt, Fatma; Kopuklu, Buse Nur; Ayturan, Zeynep Cansu ; Dursun, Şükrü