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2022Investigation of the Earthquake Performance Adequacy of Low-Rise RC Structures Designed According to the Simplified Design Rules in TBEC-2019Yel, Nur Seda; Arslan, Musa Hakan ; Aksoylu, Ceyhun ; Erkan, İbrahim Hakkı ; Arslan, Hatice Derya; Işık, Ercan
2023Performance-Based Assessment of RC Building with Short Columns Due to the Different Design PrinciplesIşık, Ercan; Ulutaş, Hakan; Harirchian, Ehsan; Avcil, Fatih; Aksoylu, Ceyhun ; Arslan, Musa Hakan 
2023Use of waste steel fibers from CNC scraps in shear-deficient reinforced concrete beamsKalkan, İlker; Özkılıç Yasin Onuralp; Aksoylu, Ceyhun ; Mydin, Md Azree Othuman; Martins, Carlos Humberto; Hakeem, Ibrahim Y.; Işık, Ercan