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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A comparative study on ASCE 7-16, TBEC-2018 and TEC-2007 for reinforced concrete buildingsAksoylu, Ceyhun ; Mobark, Ahmed; Arslan, Musa Hakan ; Erkan, İbrahim Hakkı 
2021A comparative study on the rapid seismic evaluation methods of reinforced concrete buildingsDoğan, Talha Polat; Kızılkula, T.; Mohammadi, M.; Erkan, I. H. ; Kabaş, H. Tekeli; Arslan, M. H. 
2019Comparison of equivalent seismic load and response spectrum methods according to TSC 2018 and TSC 2007Erkan, İbrahim Hakkı ; Doğan, Talha Polat
2021Investigating the properties of jet grouting columns with fine-grained cement and silica fumeOlgun, Murat ; Kanat, Askar; Şenkaya, Alican ; Erkan, İbrahim Hakkı 
2020Investigation of optimal designs for concrete cantilever retaining walls in different soilsUray, Esra; Çarbaş, Serdar; Erkan, İbrahim Hakkı ; Olgun, Murat 
2022Investigation of the Earthquake Performance Adequacy of Low-Rise RC Structures Designed According to the Simplified Design Rules in TBEC-2019Yel, Nur Seda; Arslan, Musa Hakan ; Aksoylu, Ceyhun ; Erkan, İbrahim Hakkı ; Arslan, Hatice Derya; Işık, Ercan
2020An investigation on determining optimum wall ratio–cost relationship of shear walled reinforced concrete buildingsErkan, İbrahim Hakkı ; Doğan, Talha Polat; Arslan, Musa Hakan 
24-Jan-2020Mekanik çatlak kilit sistemi ile betonarme kiriş onarım ve güçlendirme yöntemiErkan, İbrahim Hakkı ; Alshlash, Salah; Arslanmusa Hakan; Aksoylu, Ceyhun 
2021Metaheuristics-based Pre-Design Guide for Cantilever Retaining WallsUray, Esra; Tan, Özcan; Çarbaş, Serdar; Erkan, İbrahim Hakkı 
2019Parametric investigation for discrete optimal design of a cantilever retaining wallUray, Esra; Çarbaş, Serdar; Erkan, İbrahim Hakkı ; Tan, Özcan