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2023Application of Risk Assessment Study at Petro-Processors of Louisiana, Inc. (PPI) SiteTutar Öksüz, Seçil 
2023The Changing of Narragansett Bay habitat by Land UseÖksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2020Combinatıon Of Electrochemical Oxidatıon And Bioelectrochemical Process To Treat WastewaterÖksüz, Seçil Tutar ; Beyenal, Haluk
2020Comparison of Bioelectrochemical Systems and Conventional Aeration Systems for Wastewater TreatmentÖksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2020Electrochemical Removal of Ammonia in Wastewater.Öksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2021Enhanced bioelectrochemical nitrogen removal in flow through electrodesTutar Öksüz, Seçil ; Beyenal, Haluk
2023Impact Of Climate Change On the Performance Of Wastewater Treatment PlantsÖksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2022Investigation of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Bifuel Production from Corn Farming and Mitigation StrategiesÖksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2020Investigation of the Risk of Delayed Action to Mitigation of Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Agricultural SystemsÖksüz, Seçil Tutar ; Spatari, Sabrina
2022Life Cycle Assessment of Annual and Perrenial Biomass Crops for Ethanol ProductionÖksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2020Life Cycle Assessment of Biobutanol From Miscanthus and Sorghum Feed Stocks.Öksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2022Life Cycle Assessment of Microbial Electrolysis Cells for Hydrogen Generation Using TRACI MethodologyÖksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2021Petrochemical Waste Migration and Its Adverse Effects in Petro-Processors of Louisiana, Inc. (PPI) SiteÖksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2022Recent Advances in Nitrogen Removal from Wastewater Using Bioelectrochemical Systems.Öksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2022A Risk Assessment Study for Corn Farming to Biobutanol ProductionÖksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2023Treatment of strained yoghurt wastewater by electrochemical oxidation method using Taguchi experimental designGök, Zehra; Küçükçongar, Sezen ; Türkyılmaz, Mehmet ; Tutar Öksüz, Seçil 
2023Wastewater Treatment and Energy Production Using a Baffled Microbial Fuel CellÖksüz, Seçil Tutar 
2023Wastewater Treatment and Energy Production Using a Baffled Microbial Fuel CellÖksüz, Seçil Tutar