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2021Advanced oxidation of landfill leachate: Removal of micropollutants and identification of by-productsAteş, Havva ; Argun, Mehmet Emin 
2021Comparison of advanced biological treatment and nature-based solutions for the treatment of pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs): A comprehensive study for wastewater and sewage sludgeNas, Bilgehan ; Dolu, Taylan ; Argun, Mehmet Emin ; Yel, Esra ; Ateş, Havva ; Koyuncu, Serdar
2021Fate of PAHs under subcritical and supercritical conditions in landfill leachate: Removal or formation?Ateş, Havva ; Argun, Mehmet Emin 
2023Fate of phthalate esters in landfill leachate under subcritical and supercritical conditions and determination of transformation productsAteş, Havva ; Argun, Mehmet Emin 
2020Investigation of micropollutants removal from landfill leachate in a full-scale advanced treatment plant in Istanbul city, TurkeyArgun, Mehmet Emin ; Akkuş, Mehmet; Ateş, Havva 
2019Katı atık depolama sahası sızıntı sularındaki mikrokirleticilerin ileri oksidasyon yöntemleri ile arıtımıAteş, Havva 
2021Naphthalene mineralization by supercritical water oxidation and determination of by-products using Non-target analysisAteş, Havva ; Argun, Mehmet Emin ; Kurt, N.
2020Occurrence, loadings and removal of EU-priority polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in wastewater and sludge by advanced biological treatment, stabilization pond and constructed wetlandNas, Bilgehan ; Argun, Mehmet Emin ; Dolu, Taylan ; Ateş, Havva ; Yel, Esra ; Koyuncu, S.; Kara, M.
2023A pioneering study on the recovery of valuable functional compounds from olive pomace by using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction: Comparison of perlite addition and dryingArgun, Mehmet Emin ; Arslan, Fatma Nur; Ateş, Havva ; Yel, Esra ; Çakmakcı, Ö.; Dağ, B.
2022Recovery of valuable compounds from orange processing wastes using supercritical carbon dioxide extractionArgun, Mehmet Emin ; Argun, Mustafa Samil; Arslan, Fatma Nur; Nas, Bilgehan ; Ateş, Havva ; Tongur, Suheyla ; Çakmakcı, Özgür
2018Removal of PAHs from leachate using a combination of chemical precipitation and Fenton and ozone oxidationAteş, Havva ; Argun, Mehmet Emin