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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023GaN/ZnO hybrid nanostructures for improved photocatalytic performance: One-step synthesisÜstün, Tugay; Haspulat Taymaz, Bircan ; Eskizeybek, Volkan; Kamış, Handan ; Avcı, Ahmet
2020Halloysite nanotube reinforcement endows ameliorated fracture resistance of seawater aged basalt/epoxy compositesUlus, Hasan; Kaybal, Halil Burak; Eskizeybek, Volkan; Avcı, Ahmet
2021Impact response of nanoparticle reinforced 3D woven spacer/epoxy composites at cryogenic temperaturesYildirim, Ferhat; Tatar, Ahmet Caner ; Eskizeybek, Volkan; Avcı, Ahmet; Aydın, Mustafa
2021A novel polyaniline/NiO nanocomposite as a UV and visible-light photocatalyst for complete degradation of the model dyes and the real textile wastewaterTaymaz, Bircan Haspulat; Eskizeybek, Volkan; Kamış, Handan 
2021Selectively Reinforced Functionally Graded Composite-like Glass/Carbon Polymer Nanocomposites: Designed for Efficient Bending and Impact PerformanceDemir, Okan ; Tatar, Ahmet Caner ; Eskizeybek, Volkan; Avcı, Ahmet