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2019Alginate-coated perlite beads for the efficient removal of methylene blue, malachite green, and methyl violet from aqueous solutions: kinetic, thermodynamic, and equilibrium studiesParlayıcı, Şerife 
2023A biocompatible, eco-friendly, and high-performance triboelectric nanogenerator based on sepiolite, bentonite, and kaolin decorated chitosan composite filmYar, Adem; Okbaz, Abdulkerim; Parlayici, Serife 
2021Biosorption of methylene blue and malachite green on biodegradable magnetic Cortaderia selloana flower spikes: modeling and equilibrium studyParlayıcı, Şerife ; Pehlivan, Erol 
2022Carbon nanotubes/ polyacrylonitrile composite nanofiber mats for highly efficient dye adsorptionYar, Adem; Parlayıcı, Şerife 
2019Chitosan-coated black sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) seed pulp as a novel candidate adsorbent for Cr(VI) eliminationParlayıcı, Şerife ; Tuna, Kübra; Özdemir, Elif; Pehlivan, Erol 
2019Comparative study of Cr(VI) removal by bio-waste adsorbents: equilibrium, kinetics, and thermodynamicParlayıcı, Şerife ; Pehlivan, Erol 
2019Electrospinning of polymeric nanofiber (nylon 6,6/graphene oxide) for removal of Cr (VI): synthesis and adsorption studiesParlayıcı, Şerife ; Avcı, Ahmet; Pehlivan, Erol 
2021Fabrication of a novel biopolymer-based nanocomposite (nanoTiO(2)-chitosan-plum kernel shell) and adsorption of cationic dyesPehlivan, Erol ; Parlayıcı, Şerife 
2019Fabrication of novel chitosan-humic acid-graphene oxide composite to improve adsorption properties for Cr(VI)Parlayıcı, Şerife ; Avcı, Ahmet; Pehlivan, Erol 
2023Facile preparation of chitosan-coated biomass-based magsorbent beads for effective uptake of methylene blue from aqueous solutionParlayici, Serife 
2019Fast decolorization of cationic dyes by nano-scale zero valent iron immobilized in sycamore tree seed pod fibers: kinetics and modelling studyParlayıcı, Şerife ; Pehlivan, Erol 
2022Green biosorbents based on glutaraldehyde cross-linked alginate/sepiolite hydrogel capsules for methylene blue, malachite green and methyl violet removalParlayıcı, Şerife 
2019Modified peach stone shell powder for the removal of Cr (VI) from aqueous solution: synthesis, kinetic, thermodynamic, and modeling studyParlayıcı, Şerife 
2020Nano-ZrO2/TiO2 Impregnated Orange Wood Sawdust and Peach Stone Shell Adsorbents for Cr (VI) RemovalParlayıcı, Şerife ; Sezer, Kübra Tuna; Pehlivan, Erol 
2023Novel chitosan/citric acid modified pistachio shell/halloysite nanotubes cross-linked by glutaraldehyde biocomposite beads applied to methylene blue removalParlayıcı, Şerife 
2022Preparation and characterization of low-cost activated carbon from Moringa oleifera chemically activated using ZnCl2 for the adsorption of bisphenol AHussain, Nafsiah Binti; Akgül, Eda Taga; Yılmaz, Murat; Parlayıcı, Şerife ; Hadibarata, Tony
2019ZnO-TiO2 doped polyacrylonitrile nano fiber-Mat for elimination of Cr (VI) from polluted waterParlayıcı, Şerife ; Yar, Adem; Pehlivan, Erol ; Avcı, Ahmet