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2021A directly convergent numerical method based on orthoexponential polynomials for solving integro-differential-delay equations with variable coefficients and infinite boundary on half-lineKürkçü, Ömür Kıvanç ; Sezer, Mehmet
2022An evolutionary numerical method for solving nonlinear fractional Fredholm-Volterra-Hammerstein integro-differential-delay equations with a functional boundKürkçü, Ömür Kıvanç 
2023An exclusive spectral computational approach based on quadratic orthoexponential polynomials for solving integro-differential equations with delays on the real lineKürkçü, Ömür Kıvanç 
2021A fast numerical method for fractional partial integro-differential equations with spatial-time delaysAslan, Ersin; Kürkçü, Ömür Kıvanç ; Sezer, Mehmet
2020A matched Hermite-Taylor matrix method to solve the combined partial integro-differential equations having nonlinearity and delay termsYalçın, Elif; Kürkçü, Ömür Kıvanç ; Sezer, Mehmet
2022A neural computational method for solving renewal delay integro-differential equations constrained by the half-lineKürkçü, Ömür Kıvanç 
2022A new characteristic numerical approach with evolutionary residual error analysis to nonlinear boundary value problems occurring in heat and mass transfer via combinatoric Mittag-Leffler polynomialKürkçü, Ömür Kıvanç ; Sezer, Mehmet
2021A novel numerical implementation for solving time fractional telegraph differential equations having multiple space and time delays via Delannoy polynomialKürkçü, Ömür Kıvanç 
2021Pell-Lucas series approach for a class of Fredholm-type delay integro-differential equations with variable delaysDemir, Duygu Dönmez; Lukonde, Alpha Peter; Kürkçü, Ömür Kıvanç ; Sezer, Mehmet