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2020A comprehensive study of brain tumour discrimination using phase combinations, feature rankings, and hybridised classifiersKoyuncu, Hasan ; Barstuğan, Mücahid ; Öziç, Muhammet Üsame
2021COVID-19 discrimination framework for X-ray images by considering radiomics, selective information, feature ranking, and a novel hybrid classifierKoyuncu, Hasan ; Barstuğan, Mücahid 
2021A detailed study about CDW-PSO, BWO and GM-CPSO methods on continuous function optimizationKoyuncu, Hasan 
2022Discrimination of Electrical Motor Faults in Thermal Images by using First-order Statistics and ClassifiersSakallı, Gönül; Koyuncu, Hasan 
2019An extensive study for binary characterisation of adrenal tumoursKoyuncu, Hasan ; Ceylan, Rahime ; Asoğlu, Semih; Cebeci, Hakan; Koplay, Mustafa
2021A Framework Design for Heart Failure Detection: Analyzes on Features and Hybrid ClassifiersKoyuncu, Hasan 
2020GM-CPSO: A New Viewpoint to Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization via Gauss MapKoyuncu, Hasan 
2020Loss Function Selection in NN based Classifiers: Try-outs with a Novel MethodKoyuncu, Hasan 
2018Multithresholding of Benchmark Images by A Novel Optimization ApproachKoyuncu, Hasan ; Ceylan, Rahime 
2021A novel unified maximum power extraction framework for PMSG based WECS using chaotic particle swarm optimization derivativesDursun, Emre Hasan ; Koyuncu, Hasan ; Kulaksız, Ahmet Afşin 
2019Parkinson's disease recognition using gauss map based chaotic particle swarm-neural networkKoyuncu, Hasan 
2019A PSO based approach: Scout particle swarm algorithm for continuous global optimization problemsKoyuncu, Hasan ; Ceylan, Rahime