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2020An assessment of deterioration in cultural heritage: the unique case of Eflatunpinar Hittite Water Monument in Konya, TurkeyBozdağ, Ali ; İnce, İsmail ; Bozdağ, Ayla ; Hatır, M. Ergün; Tosunlar, M. Bahadır; Korkanç, Mustafa
2023Determining the effect of mineral scaling formation under different injection water sources on the performance of Mishrif carbonate reservoir in Halfaya oilfield, Southern IraqGhalib, Hussein B. B.; Al-Hawash, Adnan B. B.; Muttashar, Wisam R. R.; Bozdag, Ayla ; Al-Saady, Asaad A. A.
2021Elemental and C, O and Mg isotope geochemistry of middle-late Miocene carbonates from the Tuz Golu Basin (Central Anatolia, Turkey): Evidence for Mediterranean incursionsÇelik Karakaya, Muazzez ; Bozdağ, Ayla ; Karakaya, Necati 
2022Gazlıgöl (İhsaniye-Afyonkarahisar) bölgesindeki sıcak suların hidrojeokimyasal ve izotopik özellikleriErbaş, Hilal Arıol
2022Hydrogeochemical characteristics and evaluation of the geothermal fluids in the Gazlıgöl geothermal field (Afyonkarahisar), Western Anatolia, TurkeyErbaş, Hilal Arıol; Bozdağ, Ayla 
2022Investigation of over-exploited groundwater in Çumra Plain (Konya-Turkey) with environmental isotopesBozdağ, Ayla 
2019Origin and evolution of halite based on stable isotopes (delta Cl-37, delta Br-81, delta B-11 and delta Li-7) and trace elements in Tuz Golu Basin, TurkeyÜnal Ercan, Hatice ; Çelik Karakaya, Muazzez ; Bozdağ, Ayla ; Karakaya, Necati ; Delikan, Arif 
2020The origin of Miocene evaporites in the Tuz Golu basin (Central Anatolia, Turkey): Implications from strontium, sulfur and oxygen isotopic compositions of the Ca-Sulfate mineralsÇelik Karakaya, Muazzez ; Bozdağ, Ayla ; Ünal Ercan, Hatice ; Karakaya, Necati 
2019Origin of Miocene halite from Tuz Golu basin in Central Anatolia, Turkey: Evidences from the pure halite and fluid inclusion geochemistryÇelik Karakaya, Muazzez ; Bozdağ, Ayla ; Ünal Ercan, Hatice ; Karakaya, Necati ; Delikan, Arif 
2021Quality and health risk assessment of water resources in Sizma-Ladik (Konya) inactive mining area, TurkeyBozdağ, Ayla